We teach you about the economy and how the law fits into every ones lives.

We do offer an Export & Import Trading course that runs on Saturdays.


We also offer the following courses:

1) New Customs Control Act 

2) Incoterms

3) Exports

4) Imports

5) Customs Clearing & Forwarding

6) Supply Chain Management

7) Methods Of Payment

8) Letter of Credit

9) Bondstore


We also do "Tailor Made" In-House Training. 

Develop your thinking by playing chess.

The home of playing chess with playing cards by Joseph Cubby

MBA Program outline

        10 exams

1. Managing Members

2. Managing Merx

3. Managing Money

4. Managing Marketing

5. Managing Map

6. Build to Last

7. Build for Growth

8. Build for Safety

9. Numbers Tools

10. Rules of work

MBA board interview 





MBA Program

Self Study

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The home of 

Joseph Cubby



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