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EXIT: Export & Import Training


Cell: 074820 2458

Email:  study@exit.bz  

Assessor Reg.no: TETA-ASSRO4-159



Course: Export & Import Trading



Unit Standard Number : 252437

Level : NQF3

Number of Credits : 4

Field : Logistics



Course for Exporters, Importers. Traders, Manufacturers, Clearing & Forwarding Clerks,


TIME :          09h00 to 13h00 (Saturdays)

VENUES :     Johannesburg 

MANUAL :     Comprehensive Manual is given to each Candidate

COST :         R3950.00 ( Account needs to be settled in 6 month period) subject to                      change

Deposit:        R1000.00

DURATION :  6 Saturdays

LEARNING ASSUMPTIONS: Must Speak and understand the English Language




• 1) Incoterms

• 2) Law and Contracts

• 3) The Buyers order

• 4) Commercial Invoice Agency

• 5) Agency

• 6) Chamber of Commerce

• 7) The Packing note/list/certificate and markings

• 8) Pre-shipment inspection

• 9) Exporter/Importer forwarding instructions

• 10) Transport Documents

• 11) Insurance

• 12) Customs


Module Aim

The aim of this module is to interpret and apply information in Incoterms for those in the Shipping field as service providers or traders.  


For those that already have any certificates with Export & Import Training with other institutes may do the first 2 classes of the course on Incoterms for R1000.00

Those that want to include Customs Clearing course will do an extra 2 classes



Accredited for the following by TETA

Unit Standards [53] (Anny queries on the following subjects, contact Jimmy Merrington www.study@exit.bz )



Accept and process dangerous goods for transportation by air  [242986]



Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication[119472]



Administer multimodal surface freight import clearances [252426]



Analyse a business and determine the way it fuctions [7782]



Apply Airfreight Procedures to Imports and Exports [11233]



Apply a knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of international trade in a freight forwarding Environment [11246]



Apply basic invoicing and accounting principles [252435]



Apply geographic principles in mapping a trade route [252417]



Apply groupage processes and procedures to cargo imported by surface [252438]



Apply knowledge of insurance to the transportation of a consignment of goods [120020]



Arrange the distribution of small to medium sized consignments door-to-door [242983]



Calculate cost of airfreighting goods [252422]



Calculate customs values [252414]



Calculate duties on tax payable on internationally traded goods [252421]



Carry out intermodal surface costings [252440]



Classify commodities according to customs tariff [252434]



Comply with organisation ethics [14182]



Comply with procedures in respect of lost, discrepant and damaged cargo [252419]



Demonstarte an intergrated understanding of the functional interrelations in international trade [11254]



Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculations [9010]



Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of transportation insurance [120009]



Describe and apply the Customs and Excise Act [252416]



Describe and apply the regulations and documentary requirements which govern international trade [252413]



Describe, apply, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts [9013]



Document and handle export airfreight general non-hazardous cargo [252436]



Explain and identify sea freight carriers and agents [252430]



Explain the administration of a freight forwarding and clearing operations [252423]



Explain the concept of international trade [252429]



Facilitate airfreight clearance and delivery [252431]



Facilitate the forwarding and clearing of dangerous goods for transportation  [242991]



Frame and submit customs declarations and carrier release documentation [252425]



Generate invoices, credit notes and landed costings [252411]



Handle cargo for import and export [252439]



Handle dangerous goods during warehousing and storage  [242996]



Identify causes of stress and techniques to manage it in the workplace [244589]



Identify equipment and infrastructure used in international transport [252415]



Identify, pack, mark and label dangerous goods for transportation by air  [242987]



Interpret and apply International commercial terms [252437]



Interpret and apply information contained in INCOTERMS [11394]



Interpret and use information from texts [119457]



Investigate life and work related problems using data and probabilities [9012]



Outline the legal environment of a selected industry [13936]



Outline the structure of the airfreight forwarding environment [252427]



Outline the structure of the surface freight forwarding environment [252424]



Pack,Mark document and handle Export Hazardous Cargo (Surface) [11400]



Perform processes and procedures required for the administration of export transactions [252418]



Perform processes and procedures required for the administration of import transactions [252432]



Provide customer service in a banking environment [7175]



Secure cargo for airfreight [252428]



Understand the impact of customer service on a business [110082]



Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes [119467]



Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business and national issues [7456]



Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts [119465]