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Incoterm codes 2010




The new Incoterm book published by the ICC has taken to complete new points on the subject. First is that they have now Trade-marked the name Incoterms®2010, this means you can’t print any material with that name in it without their permission, this will be a big stumbling block for training providers worldwide, who need to print manuals for lectures.




The second new point is that the ICC has moved away from the terms been inter nations and want to include the domestic markets, like between the states of the US and countries of the Europe union. The wording on the cover of the ICC book now reads, “ICC rules for the use of domestic and international trade terms”.       




A suggestion to the training industry, in not misusing the Trade-mark, is to have a term for the written training material. As the word Incoterm, International Commercial Terms, no longer describes the full use of the terms, by including domestic trade, a more appreciate wording could be used for the written training material.




The wording that we have recommended to all training providers is, Cargo Delivery Code Terms, written as CDCterms. This has been well accepted in the Shipping training profession.   


Any queries on this subject or training for the new terms pleas email us at (free course in PDF)