If you Scroll down you will see a cube and will need to answer the following question when you get there.

There are 4 front lines that make up a square and then 8 back lines that form the cube.

The question is.

Are the back lines that projecting the cube facing sideways up or sideways down?

There is no wrong answer as it is just how you see the cube at this stage of the test.

As soon as you have made your decision when looking at the cube, then move quickly as possible down


scroll down

Now that you made the decision on how you saw the cube, we are going to ask you to do something Further down


You are going to see the cube again but this time we want you to just relax and focus your eyes on the cube for about 40 seconds.


What will happen is that you will start to see the block jump around sideways up and sideways down.


Once you see the cube moving then you can move down again




Now that you have seen the cube jumping from sideways up to sideways down and repeating the process over and over again.

Do you want to know how that happened?

Then scroll down

The reason why the cube is jumping around is that we were able to activate something in your brain by the way we communicated with you.


The brain is just a machine to help you be you. Your brain is not you but something that you program knowingly or unknowingly.


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As quick as possible scroll down, after you have made a decision that the cube lines are facing sideways up or sideways down.